What is Tower English Publishing?

We are a publishing services company that helps people self-publish their paperback, hardback and electronic books. We do everything to turn a raw manuscript into a finished book.

OK, but I don’t quite get what it is you actually do…

Say you have written the first draft of your dream novel and you want to turn it into a book but don’t know what to do next. In this example we would take the manuscript and edit it, format it for e-sellers and print companies, create the cover and present you with the files you need to sell your book via Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Draft to Digital, print distributors or your own website. We’d do the same for non-fiction too.

So, are you the publisher? Do you own the rights to my book?

No, no (and no again, just for emphasis). After we’ve done all the work necessary to turn your manuscript into a book, you own the book. You retain all copyright and we have no claim on your book or its future earnings. We are just a hired hand, you are the self-publisher retaining all legal ownership. We just help you do the job right.

Do you know what you are doing?

Yes. We’ve been in the self-publishing game since 2011, cutting our teeth on the Quakebook Japanese earthquake charity project, but since then we’ve helped publish 20 English as a foreign language textbooks for two language schools in Japan as well as three novels and a memoir.

And who are “we”?

OK, “we” is mostly me — Patrick Sherriff, fiction author, English teacher and former newspaper sub-editor living in Abiko, Japan. Tower English Publishing began life as the publishing arm of  Tower English language school which my wife and I having been running together in Abiko, Japan since 2007.